Resource List

Community Library

The Little Farm School has a number of books about education, parenting, family life and Anthroposophy—the philosophy underlying Waldorf education. Several books are displayed on the shelf in the mudroom. Parents and friends are encouraged to borrow books.

Below you can find a list of recommended reading materials for parents.

Recommended Reading for Parents

Early Childhood

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge - Barbara Patterson

Work and Play in Early Childhood - Freya Jaffke

The Disappearance of Childhood — N. Postman

The Incarnating Child — J. Salter

Childhood: A Study of the Growing Soul — C. von Heydebrand

The Young Child: Creative Living with 2-4 Year Olds — D. Udo de Haes

Brothers & Sisters — K. Koenig

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher — Rahima Baldwin Dancy

The Genius of Play - Sally Jenkinson

Early Childhood Education/Care

Home Away from Home: LifeWays Care of Children and Families – Aldinger & O’Connell

The Education of the Child - Rudolf Steiner

Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk — D. Elkind

Kingdom of Childhood — R. Steiner

The Way of the Child — S. Harwood

The Recovery of Man in Childhood — A. Harwood

Nokken - A Danish Approach to Waldorf-based Child Care - Helle Heckman

The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon — D. Elkind

Fairy Tales

The Wisdom of Fairy Tales — R. Meyer

The Uses of Enchantment — B. Bettelheim

Festivals and Family Life

Festivals with Children — B. Barz

Celebrating the Festivals with Children — F. Lenz

Festivals, Family, & Food — D. Carey and J. Large

The Children’s Year — S. Cooper, C. Fynes-Clinton, and M. Rowling

The Christian Year — E. Capel

The Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker - Manfred Schmidt-Brabant

Lifeways: Working with Family Questions — G. Davy & B. Voors, eds.

More Lifeways — P. Smith and S. Eklund Schaefer

Sing a Song with Baby – songbook and CD - Mary Schunemann

This is the Way We Work-A-Day – songbook and CD - Mary Schunemann

Rudolf Steiner

The Essential Steiner — R. McDermott, ed.

Toys and Play

The Doll Book: Soft Dolls & Creative Free Play — K. Neuschutz

The American Boy’s Handybook — D. Beard

The American Girl’s Handybook — D. Beard

Toymaking with Children - Freya Jaffke

Painting with Children — B. Muller

Children at Play: Preparation for Life — H. Britz-Crecelius


What to Do After You Turn Off the TV — Frances Moore Lappe and Family

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television — J. Mander

Unplugging the Plug-in-Drug — M. Large

Who’s Bringing Them Up? — M. Large

Amusing Ourselves to Death — N. Postman

Waldorf Education

School as a Journey — T. Finser

Toward Wholeness: Rudolf Steiner Education in America — M. C. Richards

Education towards Freedom — A. Klingborg and F. Carlgren

Teaching as a Lively Art — M. Spock

Waldorf Education: A Family Guide — P. Johnson Fennert and K. Rivers