Little Farm School Testimonials

"From the moment your child arrives in the morning to the moment she leaves in the afternoon, she is learning and loved at the Little Farm School. Both of my daughters attended LFS until we reluctantly had to move them on after kindergarten. It was always their home away from home, where they felt comfortable and loved and where we knew they were being cared for as if they were with us. 

Every morning Mary greets each child individually with warmth and support, no matter what state she enters in. Hugs abound and Mary just knows what a child needs at any given moment, whether that’s a snuggle with her on the couch, time to wake up by the fire with a book, some warm homemade muffins or time in the play room. And your child may not be a “napper” but she will be at LFS because it is a MAGICAL place where all children sleep. No, really! 

I fell in love with the Waldorf philosophy that is used at LFS, so much so that I have chosen to use Waldorf curriculum to educate my girls during their elementary years. The emphasis on the importance of play, time outside, rest, rhythm, and freshly cooked, natural foods won me over from the start. Mary’s deep rooted understanding of what children need sealed the deal. My girls enjoyed foot baths, massages, songs, puppet shows, painting, wool felting, fresh air, free play, community, creativity and so much more while they were at LFS. It is a time that we all remember fondly and are so thankful for." 

-Jen, Mother of 2 Children who attended LFS

"We had the incredible fortune to be able to send our son Abner to The Little Farm School, for four beautiful years.

To state that our boy's needs were met is an understatement. I could not have imagined a more nurturing, caring, warm, safe and creative place for our son  to spend his days.

Each day that our boy spent at The Little Farm School, I knew that he would eat the most nourishing food, drink warm tea, take a long and recuperating nap and that he would have outside time, rain or shine. Mary and her team work magic and provide such a physically and emotionally nurturing place of the kiddos that are lucky enough to attend this beautiful school.  Not only does Mary take care of the children in the most amazing way, she always has an ear and advice, a shoulder and time for us parents, as we navigate the different and sometimes challenging stages of parenthood. We are forever grateful." 

-Ludmila, Mother of a child who attended LFS

"The Little Farm School is a magical place!  We are amazed at the confidence and new skills our three year old has developed in the three short months since beginning his preschool journey.  The learning atmosphere is wholeheartedly kind, gentle and supportive for both the children AND the parents/guardians!  We love that the children are met where they are, that they are given endless love and respect, and that the curriculum reflects the same for this sweet Earth. We are grateful for the opportunity to have our child grow and learn at the Little Farm School!"

-Jess, Mother of a Child who attends LFS 

"Our daughter Emma is thriving in so many ways at the Little Farm School. Emma attends the Little Farm School two days a week. After her first month we started noticing her interest in telling stories, creating puppet shows, and making up songs at home. Ms. Mary and Ms. Sonya have nurtured Emma's creativity so incredibly and it has brought so much joy into her life. Her creativity is now flourishing on a daily basis and we have so much fun with it at home."

- Laurel, Mother of a child who attends LFS

"We feel so lucky to have landed just down the road from LFS. Mary has helped our family feel supported and part of a community. Her flexibility in providing what our child needs at each stage and meeting him where he was at was so comforting to me as a mom sending her first baby off to school. She takes the time to connect with caregivers at pickup and drop off and creates community by hosting seasonal events where parents have an opportunity to interact. She treats the children with respect and I love that their days are rooted in nature and doing valuable work. This school has made me a better parent and I'm so thankful for LFS, Mary and the other teachers."

-Martha, Mother of a child who attends LFS

"Little Farm School was instrumental in helping our 5 year old son adjust to our big move to Maine. We had previously been involved in a large homeschool community, but felt that rural Maine would perhaps prove more difficult to reinvent and continue on that path after uprooting ourselves from city life. We sought out an environment that mimicked our children's previous learning experience after moving. For our youngest, we needed a program that would offer him the emotional and mental space to adjust to being in a school setting without his sibling and parent(s) present. Mary's kindness and warmth brought so much peace to my son's days during that transition period right from the start. Jasper was able to set boundaries for himself and express some really tough feelings while never being made to feel less than or unwanted. Having a boisterous personality sometimes can make it harder for adults to give Jasper the space and time he needs when adjusting, but Jasper's teacher's seemed to understand this quality of his personality right away. There was never any uncomfortable push to force Jasper out of his shell. Allowing him this space and respecting his process aided him in adjusting to our new home and life, and helped him acclimate to a school situation without any additional stress. Jasper loved his times with his big kids friends as the year progressed, and still often speaks fondly of his memories at LFS with these friends. 

The gatherings organized after school and on days off for the families of LFS help create a growing sense of community. It's so nice to have these gatherings and see the kids in action, all enjoying the farm and going about their activities proudly and confidently. From collecting seeds and unearthing potatoes, to chopping vegetables and giving the pre-meal blessing, the children of LFS all have such an incredible rhythm to their rituals and activities, with such engagement and contented faces all around. Since graduating, the songs and blessings still linger in our home, and I love when Jasper shares with us a memory from his time at Mary's. 

Having a teacher you trust to make the right decisions for you child and the other children in their care eases a parent's mind in a way I cannot describe. I cherish how wonderful this program is, and cannot speak highly enough of the social and emotional foundational benefits offered to the children through the LFS philosophies. I only wish that somehow all children could know the love and comfort of an intrinsically empathetic caregiver like Mary and the other teachers of LFS." 

-Jenna, Mother of a Child who attends LFS